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How to get more twitter followers

This is one of my best twitter tips. On this blog post I’ll explain you how to get more twitter followers in short time.
All this blog post is based on my own personal experience and on what I have read about twitter.
The best way I know how to get more twitter followers is by mass following and unfollowing.
When I want to get twitter followers – first thing which I do is posting some interesting tweets (that contain some usefull and interesting tips, tricks and links) on my twitter profile (this way my twitter profile will draw more people’s attention).

It is also important to fill out your twitter profile’s ‘bio’ section (you can see this field on the right side of your twitter profile which describes what your twitter account is about). You had better put there some info about your twitter account or about you. Some researches proove that if you have filled out your twitter profile’s ‘bio’ section – number of people who will follow you back is much much greater then if you leave this field blank.
On this web link you can read one blog post (containing some of my best twitter tips) which prooves that twitter profiles which have ‘bio’ section filled out will attract 8 times as many twitter followers as one without ‘bio’ section filled out:
Can Having a Twitter Bio Get You 8 Times as Many Followers?
Another very important thing is putting on your twitter profile some custom image. I usually use red colored images (instead of the default image, because it is much more noticeable then when that is in some other colors, and it will draw more people’s attention according to some researches done in 60′s or 70′s. It is no coincidence why Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have red coloured logos. It is all based on these researches done in 60′s or 70′s when that was proved that red colour draws more attention then any other colour).
Some internet marketers even suggest using custom twitter background image instead of default one – this way your twitter profile will look more professional.
On this link you have websites on which you can download twitter background images for FREE: FREE Twitter backgrounds download
Then I find some other twitter profiles whose topic or subject is related to the subject of my twitter profile and which has at least several 10,000′s of followers (those twitter profiles are getting new followers quickly, and this way you will avoid following the same people again).
You can find those twitter profiles on many twitter directories. The best places where you can find those people are twitter directories like:,,,,,, and many others.
You can search and find those people under relevant categories. You had better find people who have a lot of followers (at least several 10,000′s twitter followers).
If you want to get ‘targeted’ followers (people who are interested in what you have to offer or are trying to promote) the best way is to find some twitter profile with the same subject like your twitter profile, and to follow his followers.
One day you should follow some 500 people (or his followers) on twitter, and then after 48 hours or every other day you should first follow (reciprocate) all those that began following you and then unfollow all those that do not follow you, and then again follow another 500 people on twitter and repeat this process every other day. I’m not recommending following more people on twitter (more then 500) in order not to get your twitter account suspended, as some people had experienced this.
You can also find those people if you already have at least few 1000′s of followers by logging with your twitter profile username and password into this service:, and by searching through your followers (you do this by clicking on link ‘Your Followers’ and by sorting them clicking on drop down menu in which you can sort them by number of followers; you can also see how many followers all your followers have and if their twitter profile is related to your twitter profile).
I’m doing this myself every other day, and this way I get around 3000 followers every month. On one of my twitter profiles in few months I got over 10,000 followers using this method.
Another very important thing to remember is that after following you should wait around 48 hours and then repeat this process, for your twitter account might get suspended. It is also very important not to unfollow people right after following them, for the reason that there are some people whose twitter accounts got suspended for this reason.
Also very important thing is to post tweets about some interesting things on twitter (which contain some secrets, tips and other usefull and interesting) – this way you will attract more twitter followers. Especially those tweets on the top (the several latest tweets) should be very usefull and interesting. More interesting your twitter profile is – more people will follow you back. After following some 500 people on twitter – in the next two days I get around 200 people following me back.
There is one awsome automated twitter tool which can help you to automate this job (mass following/unfollowing). This twitter tool is called TwittAdder. With this automated twitter tool you can unfollow all those that don’t follow you with one single click and also with one click to follow someone else’s followers, and save your time and effort. This tool also has many other usefull features that can help you in your twitter business and with your twitter profiles. CLICK HERE to find out more about this automated twitter tool

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